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Finches and Flowers Gift Pack

Price: $8.00

Gift pack contains one greeting card blank inside, one bookmark and one 50 page notepad packed in an illustrated card wallet.

Story on back of card
NSW Christmas Bush Ceratopetalum gummiferum grows in the native bushland on our small farm and Red-browed Finches Neochmia temporalis visit the birdbath outside our kitchen window daily. This painting includes a Lycid Beetle and a tiny unidentified spider I found on the Christmas Bush. Just as I was finishing the painting a small pale green grasshopper jumped onto the end of my paintbrush so adding it to the picture as well was a must.

Gift Pack Size: 180mm x 135mm x 6mm

Printed in Australia on 300gsm paper.

Original watercolour painting 30cm x 37cm.

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