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Patchwork Farm

Price: $5.00

Greeting card blank inside.

Story on back of card

This is a stylised map of Abergeldie, the small farm I live on in Glenorie NSW. The miniature paintings in each ‘patchwork paddock’ form a visual diary of the month of December 2002. The images remind me of my niece and nephew coming to stay; of improvising a game of French cricket using a tennis racket in lieu of a cricket bat; of taking the daphne cuttings in my nursery; of the cows in the dry brown paddocks; and of other pets and holiday activities that year.

The most dramatic event of that summer was a frightening bushfire that swept through our area. It burned down most of our fences and blackened our drought-ravaged paddocks but with the help of our wonderful neighbours and the dedicated volunteers in the Rural Fire Service tankers all our birds and animals, our house and our farm buildings were saved. The peacock in the upper right corner was a refugee who emerged from the smouldering bush after the fire had passed.

 Card Size: 120mm x 120mm

Printed in Australia on 300gsm paper.

Original painting 30cm x 30cm oil on board.


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