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Greeting card blank inside.

Story on back of card

Bella was the much-loved champion buff Silkie hen owned and bred by my dear friend, Rosemarie, who has been an enthusiastic and tireless supporter of the breed for many years. Rosemarie’s favourite garden flowers are pansies, which she has grown every year since she was a small child. She also loves the wonderful view across the Hawkesbury River flats from her home on the northwestern outskirts of Sydney, Australia.

I wasn’t sure how to combine these three things that are special to Rosemarie until I thought of the Mona Lisa who sits serenely in front of a distant view. From that moment on Bella became my Mona Lisa chicken.

The Silkie breed is thought to have originated in China. It is first mentioned in western writings by Marco Polo who wrote about furry chickens during his travels in Asia in the 13th century. Unusual features of Silkies include an extra fifth toe, feathered legs, black skin, fluffy silken feathers and a crest on the top of their heads. Silkies are one of the most placid and docile of poultry breeds and make ideal pets for children. They come in a very wide range of colours, including the buff colour of Bella.

Can you see two ladybirds hiding in the pansies?

Card Size: 120mm x 120mm

Printed in Australia on 300gsm paper.

Original painting 26cm x 24cm oil on board.

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