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Pardalote bookmark

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Story on back of bookmark

The Spotted Pardalote bird (Pardalotus punctatus) lives in the native bushland on our small farm. I was intrigued as a child when my father showed me these tiny birds darting in and out of their nesting burrows in a bank of earth. The delicate native Flannel flowers (Actinotus helianthi) and colourful Eggs and Bacon bush (Dillwynia retorta) also flourish in the bushland on our farm. A tiny native stingless bee (Tetragonula) has landed on one of the flowers.

Bookmark Size: 55mm x 160mm

Detail from original watercolour painting 30cm x 37cm

Printed in Australia on 300gsm paper. Printed using 50% solar energy on paper from sustainable forests.

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