The Sussex breed originated in Britain and is one of the oldest known poultry breeds, mentioned by the Romans at the time of their invasion of AD 43. It is a dual-purpose bird bred for both meat and egg production. Sussex have a calm and friendly temperament, are good layers and are ideal as attractive and productive backyard pets.

Buff girlsWe sell several colours including Light Sussex (white with black lacing), Buff Sussex (honey-coloured with black lacing), Speckled Sussex (a mahogany background with black and white spots), Red Sussex (red with black lacing), Silver Sussex (dark grey with white lacing) and Lavender Sussex (also known as Platinum Sussex – a soft, blue grey colour).

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Chinese SilkiesThe Silkie breed is thought to have originated in China. It is first mentioned in western writings by Marco Polo who wrote about furry chickens during his travels in Asia in the 13th century.  Silkies are one of the most placid and docile of poultry breeds and make ideal pets for children.

We breed a very wide range of colours including black, white, grey, silver,partridge, buff, champagne or lemon, red, lilac, blue, lavender blue, blue splash and blue gold. Not all colours are available at all times.

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Birds available now (last updated Monday 30th November 2015)

  • Light Sussex, Buff Sussex, Speckled Sussex, Red Sussex, Silver Sussex and Lavender Sussex pullets from two months to three months of age. Limited numbers of cockerels also available.
  • Silkie pullets and cockerels, wide range of colours, 10 to 12 weeks of age.
  • Bronze-wing and Sweet Fields Turkey poults – males and females up to four months of age.
  • Guinea fowl – unsexed, from day-olds up to four months of age.


We vaccinate our Silkies and Sussex against Mareks Disease.

All birds sold at the farm only. Phone 0427 740 373 for more information


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