Rex, my nine year old insect adviser

Rex, my nine year old insect adviser

One of the highlights of participating in the Arcadia Public School Markets each May and November is catching up with one of the school mums, Karen, and her four boys, Lang, Rex, Blake and Charles. Karen and her family are passionate about their nearby block of bushland and the native flora and fauna thriving there. They … Continue reading

What’s silent and invisible for years, then bursting with noise and colour overnight?

What’s silent and invisible for years, then bursting with noise and colour overnight?

I had a lovely experience the other night when I was collecting eggs from the old cubby house just as the last beautiful peach and turquoise light was fading over the Blue Mountains on the horizon. The cubby, with a tree house on top, is tucked in against the base of a huge camphor laurel and … Continue reading

I spy with animal eyes

One of the things that gives me special pleasure on the farm is when the actions of one animal alert me to the presence of something I would otherwise have missed. So it was recently when I approached the old sheep shed and suddenly became aware that the air above me was pulsing with the … Continue reading

The curious case of the flutterer in the night-time

When I take the dogs out for their late night ratting expeditions I wear my headlamp and set it on low beam to conserve the batteries. As I wait while the dogs dart around hunting, I gaze along the front of the sheds down the dim tunnel of light from the headlamp, mostly lost in … Continue reading

What has jewel green eyes, the softest touch and a bite like fire?

March is here and so are the March flies! They land on you so gently you don’t realise they’re there until searing pain seeps out from the site of their bite. I find their jewel green eyes amazingly beautiful but fear of their bite has me swatting them as fast as I can if they … Continue reading

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