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Photo by Robin Walsh

Photo by Robin Walsh

My name is Lee Evans and I live on a small farm on the outskirts of Sydney, Australia. I have always enjoyed painting plants and animals and over the years I’ve often dreamt of pursuing this interest more actively. In 2012 this dream was realised when I began my business Feather Flower Brush and launched this website to share my paintings and small farm stories with others.

Feather Flower BrushMy Logo

My signature image combines the feather of a Light Sussex hen with clusters of daphne flowers and one of my paintbrushes and sets them against a block of sandstone from my home, ‘Abergeldie’. The feather, flowers and brush form a heart shape as I paint from the heart the things that I love.


My Home

The plant that grows through the bedroom floor

Abergeldie is a sandstone cottage built in or very soon after 1889 from sandstone quarried on the edge of the property. It was built by Elizabeth MacDonald, an immigrant from Scotland. Over the years the various owners have added on a patchwork of simple extensions in different materials. The roof leaks, the floor creaks, there are cracks and gaps and even a plant forcing its way up through the floor in a corner of my bedroom but I feel a tremendously strong affection for this lovely old house and it’s a great privilege to live here.

About half of the property is cleared, arable land and the rest is native bushland which backs onto an enormous uninhabited area of steep ridges and gullies stretching away towards the distant Hawkesbury River. My parents, Nona and Allan Evans, bought Abergeldie before I was born and I’ve had the great good fortune to experience the many riches of living on a small farm all my life.

My Philosophy
Live locally, give globally
After 30 years of driving to and from office jobs, often spending more than three hours in peak hour traffic each day, I took a leap into the unknown in 2012 and decided to see if it might be possible to make a living right here on the farm. I’m now ‘living locally’ by working from home and employing the services of local businesses – my printer works from a home office on the same road as me. And I’m ‘giving globally’ by reducing my carbon footprint and contributing 5% of profits from Feather Flower Brush to charitable organisations supporting the health and well-being of people and the environment both within Australia and internationally. My products are made from either recycled paper or paper from sustainable forests and my printer uses 50% solar energy in the printing process.

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