18 silkie colours left half



18 silkie colours right half











We had fun lining up all our different colours of silkies today – it took 18 birds to represent the full range! There was barely enough room to fit every colour on this perch but the girls were very well behaved posing for the cameras.

From left to right (top half then bottom half) the colours are: Pile, Lemon or Champagne, Buff, Red, Black headed partridge, Partridge, Blue/Gold, Lavender blue, Lilac, Black, Mottle, Blue, Grey, Blue splash, Splash, Silver, Columbian, White.

A family arrived to buy Sussex chooks while we were snapping these shots. They took one look at this line-up of silkies and fell in love on the spot! Needless to say, they went home with silkies instead. These girls are very hard to resist.

18 silkie colours from above

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